LiVista Rescup

What is LiVista Rescup?

LiVista Rescup is a program that you can store on a USB pen drive or floppy disk and run from within the Vista Setup. It will automagically load a nice environment (with taskbar, explorer etc.) you can use as a rescue system.

Information about LiVista Rescup

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More information

If you have any questions or if you want to contribute, you can contact me by email:
schierlm (at)


The source code for LiVista rescup is stored in a SVN repository; use

svn co rescup

to checkout the latest version. You will need 7-Zip installed to rebuild the rescup.dat. For recompiling rescman.exe (not required unless you want to change it) you will need Visual Basic 6.0.

The easiest (and most useful) way of contributing is to write your own component int files and store them in the components directory. Then re-run _make.bat to build the rescup.dat and test it in a VM (or on a real machine if you prefer).

Send me your .ini files and I will commit them (or commit them to SVN yourself if you have access).

You can also browse the repository.

Sourceforge project page

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